Les Connaisseurs de la Danse
Some useful tips:

  • While performing, your body must be stretched to a maximum in order to achieve the highest result possible and sometimes even... impossible. This especially relates to leaps, jumps, rotations and pirouettes.

  • Proper plie is extremely important in every take off and landing to execute an accurate jump. Not using enough plie or incorrect position can cause injury.

  • A hard-working dancer will achieve better results than a gifted one who does not put all the efforts into the training.

  • If you can emotionally engage the audience in your performance - you are a king / queen of the stage.

To achieve perfect pirouettes you must:

1. perform  a perfectly balanced releve on high demi-points,
2. align your body axis firmly perpendicular to the floor,
3. pull up at each rotation of your pirouette,
4. be able to coordinate all parts of your body to accelerate/reduce the speed of rotations.

Pointe technique basics:

  • Your muscles and foot structure must be ready before you put the pointe shoes on.
  • You must feel a stable line/axis from the tip of your toe to your head with a very strong back.