Simply Dance recreational program below:

Dancegarten - Age: 4-5 / Pre-Ballet - Age: 5-7
We explore child's natural creativity  through a playful way of dance movements. Age-appropriate activities improve large motor skills, coordination, musicality and rhythm.

Ballet for Boys - Age Range: 8-15
Under the guidance of the professional male teacher, boys are relaxed and confident to learn classical dance technique while building physical strength and working with various music styles. Self-expression and creativity is encouraged .

Ballet 1/2 - Age: 7-11 / Ballet 3 - Age: 10-14 / Ballet 4/5 - Age: 12-18 / Ballet 6 and up - customized
Classical ballet routine from introduction to more comprehensive levels with emphasis on the development of balance, posture and grace. We focus on coordination and musicality while developing an ability to dance. Training includes elements of Stage Movement and Choreography as well as Point technique for advanced students.

Character Dance and Repertoire Class
Requirements: Ballet 3, Ballet 4
We introduce students to a variety of world ethnic and cultural dances. Choreographic moments from Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Gypsy and other dances with beautiful movements and fun rhythms to compliment classical ballet training.

Ballet Youth / Age Range: 16-30
Ballet Youth aims to work on ballet technique and to strengthen body core and overall posture.

We expand ballet vocabulary and further explore barre and centre work while focusing on creative expression. Students in this class continue to learn Stage Movement and Choreography.
Adult Ballet Workout
This class is for anyone who wants to try a new beautiful way of working out . Simplified ballet movements will help you to build strength, balance and posture. Creative component of dance improvisation and choreography is the most wonderful component of the lesson. No dance experience is necessary.

Stretching & Meditation /  TBA
Relax your mind and stretch your muscles. Special musical atmosphere and low tones will help you to gain the strength and mental balance.

Individual Classes:

"Work and win" private sessions are very intense and customized to student's individual needs.

We prepare you to catch up with a level of other classes, exams, dance auditions, competitions, etc. Classes from 30 to 75 minutes are offered.
* Please note - all group classes are on hold now for in-person instruction. We offer on-line courses for groups at the moment.