We focus on Artistic Presentation / Technical Skills:

  • Artistic Movements, Posture and Gracefulness

  • Musicality and Rhythm

  • Presentation Skills and Character Expression

  • Body Alignment and Rotation Technique

  • Coordination of Movements

  • Muscles Development, Stretching and Flexibility

  • Jumping Technique (Height, Power, Stability and Consistency)

  • Self-Discipline and Concentration

  • Stamina and Strength

  • Emotional Fitness

Figure Skating
The Ottawa Ballet School specializes in off-ice training for figure skaters combining best of ballet technique with sport principals. Our off-ice training expands skaters' technical and artistic horizons and enhances all aspects of figure skating.

To prevent injury and to progress at a faster pace, it is recommended to have two to five off-ice sessions (depending on the skater's level) and a proper 15-minute warm-up before each skating session. It will help tremendously to increase your strength, stability, balance, flexibility and also to build confidence, improve self-esteem and to keep you healthy.

A solid grounding in ballet makes the difference between an athletic exercise and an artistic presentation. The new judging system will reward your higher jumps, more centered spins and beautiful extensions.
Instructions are offered for pas de deux technique, or individual lessons. One-on-one sessions are intense, so shorter lessons can be effective, even as little as 30-40 minutes.
We hold special sessions for Coaches/Teachers every month on specific topics to enhance presentation skills of the skaters. The Workshop could be for a group or individual. For further details and to register, please contact the OBS office.

Off-ice Workshops

Skaters' feedback:

  - " I was really impressed with jumping part of the workshop! I learned a lot."

  - " Choreography was my favorite component of the artistic session. It was a lot of fun!"

  - " I liked off-ice presentations of the programs by skaters of the different skating clubs.          It was very inspiring."

We thank for demonstrations our students-presenters: Kelsey MacLean (Gloucester Skating Club), Cameron Hines (Minto Skating Club), Andrea Robu (Patinage Gatineau) and Daniel Orlesky (Patinage Gatineau).