Norms & Rules at the OBS
As a member of the Ottawa Ballet School, that follows cultural traditions of the Great Art of Ballet,  you are encouraged to practice our general norms of etiquette:

  • Respect people around you; elderly, adults, teachers and fellow dancers.

  • Be polite at all times at the Ottawa Ballet School and outside.

  • Please offer your seat in public places/transport to elderly and women.

  • Be committed to your art, challenge your mind and respect your body.

Basic Rules and Responsibilities:

  • Please remember that regular attendance is a key to successful training.

  • Please make sure to wear proper attire and hairstyle for the class.

  • Please do not bring food or gum to the studio. It's also strongly recommended not to eat immediately before the class to avoid health problems.

  • Please encourage your kids to practice at home and to use dance vocabulary learned.

  • Parents, please do not compare your child to other dancers: every kid is different in his/her own beautiful way. Consider your teacher's evaluation and recommendations for improvements and progress.

  • Please pay your accounts on time.