Ottawa Ballet School keeps and continues the world's best classical dance traditions, which commenced in 1738, when the Imperial Theatre School, now called the Vaganova Ballet Academy, was founded in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The expertise comes from:

   Kirill Chour
Artistic Director and Founder   

About Us
"In memory of my Mom, who opened the door into this Beautiful World of Ballet for me."
Kirill Chour, Professional Ballet Artist, Choreographer and Teacher is a graduate of the legendary Vaganova Ballet Academy. It is a school of exquisite mastery, which is constantly shut and locked for dilettantes of all kinds and open to masters of all types, generations and countries.

Kirill performed on Kirov Ballet stage from the age of 10. "...What I remember of the time, when I was ten-eleven, is not only watching famous dancers out of the wings and being fascinated by the theatre life, but earning fifty four kopeikas (about eighty cents) for every performance of the Nutcracker or other ballet. I would buy a handful of chocolate candies in the theatre cafe instead of a proper meal, spending all my daily salary, and eat the candies immediately."

Kirill Chour has toured around the world with world-renowned modern ballet company Eifman Ballet Theatre, performing on the best stages in France, Monaco, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and elsewhere. As his zenith piece, Kirill considers the role of Pontius Pilate in Master and Margarita based on Bulgakov's famous novel.

In Canada Kirill has worked with National Ballet of Canada, Ballet British Columbia, Ballet Internationale du Quebec, contemporary Danse Kalashas, and has toured USA and Canada with Ontario Ballet Theatre. Kirill is a member of DTRC Canada, Russian Theatre Society and a Life member of the Vaganova Ballet Society.

Canadian diploma in Management of Special Events and Festivals complemented Kirill's  Arts Management education. Combining his choreographic and teaching work with Arts Administration, Kirill has also worked for the NAC Canada Dance Festival as a Project Manager and as a General Manager of the Ottawa International Theatre Company for seven years.

For over a decade Kirill Chour has been working with figure skaters and other athletes. He has transferred his essential ballet skills and exquisite performing experience into Ballet System for Figure Skaters. This winning formula improves all aspects of technical and artistic performance, guaranteeing clear progress and success.

Kirill is known in the region for his work with special needs people, enhancing their every day life with the beauty of dance, and improving their abilities to move, express and explain themselves.

Kirill also has been practicing JKD Martial Arts training for several years as his second passion.

" My belief is that anybody can dance and perfect dancing skills to an individual degree if taught by a professional teacher. The secret is to put all the efforts and passion into practice and to be committed to this Beautiful Art. It is one of the best investments you can reward yourself or your child with in a life time." K.C.